KuCoin – The Best Trading Platform For Cryptocurrency Projects

KuCoin is one of the top 20 digital currency trading platforms in the world. Our crypto exchange offers low fees, fast transactions, …


  1. I joined the crypto space 3 months ago. I Made my first transaction from wallet to wallet. I was so proud It went well. Kucoin exchange, I hope we are all in for a bright future. I love the fact that you have a lot of smallcap jems, actions like the easteregghunt and the slurpie and cashregister audio-effect. You make investing into crypto so much fun.

  2. Wanna try a great exchange besides Binance? I'd highly recommend Kucoins exchange and for a solid investment to buy Kucoin exchange coin. Why exactly?
    1) It's a great exchange and has a clear use case,unlike most cryptos.People will ALWAYS need Good exchanges and exchange coins will go up when the market grows and people use them more.
    2)It's the best exchange out there, only 2nd to Binance imo,(just barely tho but Binance is closing soon to U.S. customers) and Kucoin is arguably safer with more security protocols and it offers some good coins even Binance doesn't offer.
    3)It pays out dividends daily in Kucoin just for holding it and those dividends rise as the coin price and the market rises so your holdings and money will increase in 2 different ways,it's good to HODL coins that provide passive income just for having them.
    4)It has a VERY low supply lower than Binance and currently over the next 3 months is doing a coin burn so that alone will raise the price soon. Do the math,a great exchange, lower supply than Binance under $2, Binance around $30.. WAY more potential for big gains and it's safer because Binance coin could easily drop to $20 or lower and Kucoin will stay steady around $1-2 if the market tanks for some reason because Kucoinis WAY undervalued and Binance is kinda overvalued right now because the market is way down.Kucoin is definately a safe investment with potential for huge gains,win win! 🙂

    But If anybody here wants to know anything else I'll be glad to help,if you want to sign up you can use my referral code if you like, (ofcourse you don't have to..) But it would help me out ALOT and it's very easy to put in when you sign up,it literally takes like 2 seconds! So here's my referral code if you ever choose to try Kucoin,which anyone who wants to invest in crypto definately should.
    My referral code: 1us2Q

    Anyway thanks for reading,we haven't seen NOTHING yet..it's only a matter if time til the next bull run. No stocks or most other investment will EVER out perform crypto unless you find something like early Amazon stock, good luck with that lol! Alot of the top 1% of alts will be equivalent to exactly that in the coming years or better!
    Other good alts imo are Cardano,Stellar and Neo.All will be around for many years to come and people buying now at these low prices will benefit immensely in the coming months and especially years. Always do your own research before investing but take it from someone with experience,I know a great exchange when I use it and a great investment when I see it and Kucoin definately provides both! Well I hope all this helps someone who's looking to invest and try a new exchange out as well ,good luck! 😉

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