Inside a Liquid Cooled Bitcoin Mine

Dennis walks us through the Immersion Bitcoin mining farm he operates, using liquid cooling allows these Bitcoin miners to mine …


  1. Hey I am from India .I had contacted DCX. They said to deliver product , but how trustworthy the company if I paid all cost in advance ?
    What is your method of purchase.?
    What is the process of purchase the miner ?

  2. Watching this from an enterprise datacentre perspective – this is adorable. Watching this from an enthusiast level – holy hell that's a lot of power.

  3. This is small baby.
    Chinese have the biggest farms ever built.
    Not only that price is wrong to build it today- but the amount of available coin, due to overmining is shrinking and shrinking.
    Meaning soon they wont give more then $0,000000something per calculation.
    Have fun having these with rising electricity cost from all the green people.

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