PROTECT YOUR CRYPTO! (Step-by-Step Ledger Tutorial)

Cold storage is important now more than ever, and learning how to use a crypto wallet is vital for keeping your crypto safe.


  1. Ledger is not not secure did u not hear about how ledger give ases to the government of a ledger customer that uses ledger??? That is not secure

  2. What about transferring from an exchange to trust wallet then to a ledger. Will the wallet be empty after the transfer is complete in the ledger? Can you transfer from your ledger back to the trust wallet or exchange?

  3. 7:28 "By installing this, you will be able to put Bitcoin onto your Ledger". Correction – you will be able to hold (only) your keys on the Ledger. The Bitcoin actually stays on the blockchain.

  4. Hi @BitBoy Crypto, if i bought my ledger from an online store 3 years ago more or less and it was sealed and it was checked to be genuine as per the ledger software, is it safe to use?
    I have reset / wiped the device 2 times….. my concern it is not from Ledger because they dont ship to me, for the past 3-4 years, ridiculous.
    Ive just been hestitant to use it since i got it, which is 3 years ago more or less.

  5. Hi @ajwritescrypto, I am convinced that a hardware wallet is the way to go to keep my crypto save.
    In your video you discuss the Ledger Nano X, but there is also the nano S plus , which is half the price of the Nano X.
    What's the difference between them, other than the nano x has bluetooth capabilities?

  6. 7:40 to put btc on the device…. You don’t put btc on the device. You just create a private and public key (on ledger) and with these you can make changes in the btc ledger.. or purchase some btc from another wallet holder that transfers btc to ur wallet. The entries of all wallets are stored on the blockchain. Not the ledger.

  7. Thanks for the informative video I figured out how to learn use my ledger Nano X the only thing I can't figure out how to do is put coins on there when you have to use a third party, I hold a bunch of V chain and Ledger doesn't support v-chain but says you can store it with the use of a third party but I could not figure it out any help would be greatly appreciated

  8. I noticed when you were adding ALGO on there some of them say " Requires 3rd-party wallet" What does that mean and what do you have to do to add those ????

  9. 1. What about unplugging the Ledger during the 25 – 30 min receiving process? 2. Also, information on sending a second transaction to the same blockchain address vs generating a new one and the pros and cons of that would be helpful but good video on the overall ABC's AJ

  10. Thanks, this sums it pretty well. I’d like to see Nolus Protocol in one of your videos. It is new in the Cosmos Ecosystem. Checked it out recently, sounds interesting. It will soon offer a DeFi lease (it says this is the first DeFi lease ever).

  11. I have a problem is there anything you could suggest or even better if you make a video on mined coins sent to ledger nano S and how to retrieve them or how to send them to an exchange. I made this mistake, before I found out that mined coins cannot be sent to ledger nano S. I had coins in this ledger before the mined coins were sent, and now I can't do anything with either of them, as no transaction will go through, not even a small one. I have been through ledger's help, tried all the steps as they mentioned, but nothing happens, email to ledger is a waste of time. If you could please suggest anything.

  12. But what happens if Ledger goes bankrupt AND I lose my Nano? Can I access my crypto from a different company’s device? Probably a basic question, sorry

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