How this new profitable coin changed GPU mining! How to mine Karlsen KLS in Windows/HiveOS

In this video I give you an ultimate guide on how to GPU mine Karlsen on your computer or GPU mining rig. Karlsen (KLS) is a …


  1. Always check your latency kids, what ever coin you mine. BEst to mine to lowest latency pool to your mining farm. Although i do like hero miners my latency is 30ms to that pool, K!pool i get around 8-10ms it really depends how close their server to your place 😀

  2. Is it worth mining anything with a single LHR 3080? Been out of it for a while now, and I know there was that LHR remover but not sure where it's all at right now.

  3. Yeah; everybody talks you are late, but good thing is difficulty goes down a lot; I earn 3 times more KLS than at its peak hashrate. Pyrin will be alike; everybody in then it will be down (hopefully short term then up) in its downside; Karlsen will be up in price and I already accumulated lot of KLS.

  4. THE BEST thing about Karlsen (and now Pyrin) is all the hashrate that's disappeared off all the other Coins I mine. Lots of miners moving over, mining the coin to sell it. Good short term, but neither of these hold any long term prospects. Get in. Mine a bag. Sell it. Get out.

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