[URGENT] Bitcoin is Destined for $50,000 SOON

Today let’s talk about Bitcoin and why $50000 is coming possibly EOY. But what comes next? BingX Exchange (Global) $5000 …


  1. Solana passed bnb up which is crazy sol might be taking Eths throne which sounds stupid but it’s use case is something I’ve been preaching since the bear market… cheap transactions. That being said polygon is extremely undervalued rn it has so much going for it including… cheap transactions.

  2. Hello George, I am a new member. My first question is where can I get me some Cok Inu in the United States. It’s hard to find exchange I know that’s crazy for the first question.????

  3. Bro ima need you to stop talking about that coqinu shit like you keep saying cock out loud and it’s mad gay and disrespectful to my people watching like talk about other things stop saying cock in every video wtf ??

  4. In fact, George, you should either describe the COQ… meme as pronounced "coke" or spell it out. Or better yet, since the developers want to gain by using such a gross name, you could just stop mentioning their meme at all. That is what is deserved to discourage more inappropriate naming. Your call, but this is not helping your image with many of us. I can't keep watching if you keep up the double entendre. We get i,and we don't like it.

  5. Around 26:56, George understandably says that if you are going to make a meme, be original and not just play off of an exist meme.
    Apparently, he forgot that he holds more than one of the INU coins and is currently enjoying COQ INU.

  6. Hi George; You need to stop the puns on "coQ…" it is gross and getting old, and may subject you to Youtube sanctions. Enough already. The sickos who named the meme need to get a life.

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