XRP to $1 by VALENTINE’S DAY (INSANE Ripple Prediction)

Why I believe XRP will hit $1 by VALENTINE’S DAY…. Thank you to our main sponsor Stake! Sign up here: …


  1. Wow a whole dollar? I can see something like Doge reaching a usd pair of $1, that makes sense but $1 isn’t really a pump. Why do so many people use terms like buy, sell and price when discussing these currencies?

  2. I own a lot of xrp, for about 4 years now i have always had a lot of faith but now im starting to get afraid. I really want xrp to reach new all time highs but it has taken so long, and seeing other coin rise and xrp not move. i dont know, im getting afraid

  3. Might have to actually have to unsub from this guy. Supercycles talk and crazy predictions.
    Just like the last cycle was a super cycle?

  4. Ben shilling as usual. His bags have been filled with xrp as payment for these XRP bs endorsement’s I would wager.

    Hes too pumped on a coin that literally does nothing.

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