An AWESOME Cryptocurrency Intraday Trading strategy YOU shouldn't miss [built and tested in Python]

In this video I am building and backtesting a pretty interesting Intraday Trading Strategy which is based on Donchian Channels.


  1. Hi mate, having some trouble getting the loop to work, not sure why. It just executes the first buy/datetime and then stops there. Have you tried executing this recently ?

  2. So I just started learning algorithmic trading and I had a complete plan how to achieve that I prepared books, articles, courses etc … but I ended up a "one fit for all" channel with you ! So million thanks for making easier this path 😀

    I'm also wondering, about what Strategies and which technical indicators do you prefer and why (maybe you can make a video about that also 🙂 )

    So thanks a lot !

  3. Really good content, sad that those strategies are not working on bearish market right now, tried yours and even within modifying parameters and assets, keep getting loss for over 1000 hours of trade

  4. Hi! I think an interesting angle you can pursue is to try and write an algo that uses multiple profit levels. For example, we buy when price closes above the 50 MA, sell 50% at the 100 MA and the other 50% at the 150 MA all OCO a stop with a close below the 25 MA.
    I seriously doubt that would work as a strategy, but I have been trying to code a system that uses multiple profits and have found it more challenging than it should have been to execute.
    I would love to see how your expertise would work around and solve this problem!
    Thankyou for all your awesome videos!

  5. Just discovered your YouTube channel and this is the first video I watched. I really like your style and approach – easy to follow, well explained and very logical. I learned a lot from just this video and I would definitely appreciate watching the follow-up video on the parameter optimization. I will definitely become a Tier-2 member – you are a quality provider of valuable content. Thank you.

  6. So, I took your strategy, spent few days to write a bot, and understood, that
    1) this is the same, as Bolinger Bands indicator strategy.
    2) When you have some weeks/monthes with down trends this strategy without SL generates big minuses. So, you have to use StopLoses.
    3) Period for High, low rolling for testing should be from 10 to 450.

  7. hey, when you mean Close price it is actually current price right? I guess running this in real time are you checking the previous close price or checking the current price?
    Also regarding highapproach you mentioned in the beggining "near rolling max" but you actually checking if is greater than that? (and not checking if is also lower?) Do I miss something?

  8. Dear god,

    thank you for your insights and for all your ideas that make a new path spring up in us 😉

    I'm trying to automate a strategy, based on what I've learned from your videos, but nothing works spectacularly:

    I have a small SQL database on MSAccess for organization, task sequencing, and logging for transactions analysis that were carried out, and statistics in order to create new ideas.

    I also have 3 Pyhtons scripts for the implementation of a framework that can use all the strategies you talk about in your videos…

    I'm really not very good at dev, you can call me a newbie, to be honest, but I always find a solution to what I want to do.

    In short, I come to what I want to say: I can do all the strategies, in the short or long term, by changing the parameters on the left and on the right, nothing works asit should

    in the end, no strategy is winning… and worse, when I backtest it and it seems really great, I put it in Prod and directly after, I only have false start

    with small losses but no more gains…

    HELP 😉 🙁

    If you can give me something profitable in the long and in the short…? … the shorter and more profitable the best, of course :-)))))

    I wonder also if there is a possibility to interract with 'tradingview 'from which we could retreive so many information, so many indicators that can help in our strategies … Have already worked on that ?

    Have everyone a nice day

  9. I wanna like it again. I am pretty good at python and your video inspired me to get into pandas world. I'm working on improving the strategy for about 3 days now and it's really fun
    thanks <3

  10. very interesting idea but would it have not been more profitable to buy below the average line? this is similar to the BB strategy that the big banks use in that below the average is a cheap buy in and above the average line is a good sell point and as long as the algo is checking to make sure the price is higher than the original buy price this could be done on a very frequent basis making for a profitable system if im correct? please let me know your thoughts on this idea

  11. I love the simplicity of this algo, honestly I think there is very limited alpha (nil after fees and slipage) in strategies that use popular indicators but this is something I don't see any ppl using. Potentially promising as Elon would say

  12. By logic buy order will fire at mid point value and cover order on highpoint value. This will be correct depiction of trades else it os showing 0 profit on your 1st trade which is not the case.

  13. A warning about optimising. I used a genetic algorithm to optimise 3 parameters on this strategy and got over 100% return over the time interval. When I tried those parameters on data it hasn't seen I got a 10% loss ): Just make sure you use testing data before turning it into a bot.

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