Bitcoin Mining on a Dell Laptop with No Experience [My Earnings]

Bitcoin mining is becoming increasingly popular. With bitcoin declining recently, this is the perfect time to attempt bitcoin mining at …


  1. I'd cash out the options ASAP if I were you if they are still in the green, and generally it's a smart idea to avoid options since they are pure gambling

  2. Why dont you just cash oy then re invest half the profit you made and if it drops then stop if it rises then keep going until youve made double your half lrofit

  3. It aint worth it unless youre going to poublic places to steal electricity because IT DOES increase in youre electricity charge each month; Plus youre ruining youre gaming pc. Also over clocking youre pc basically increases the power to its limits of the GPU and or CPU. Meaning is killing the life expectancy of your pc

    I gotta say I liked youre video and also learned something new from it; Ik I critique but youre fully honest with what you know and dont know. Keep it up G!

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