GAME OVER: Bitcoin ETF Approved (What This Means)

GAME OVER: Bitcoin ETF Approved (What This Means) ▻ Where I Buy My Bitcoin: …


  1. ZIVB dividend yield is 24.15%
    "…1x Short VIX Mid-Term Futures Strategy ETF/Volatility Shares Trust (BATS:ZIVB) on 01/25/2024 declared a dividend of $ 0.4850 per share payable on January 31, 2024 to shareholders of record as of January 29, 2024. Dividend amount recorded is an increase of $ 0.3617 from last dividend Paid…"

  2. I think the explanation of SIPC was cut short and people may get the wrong idea that it protects against "losses" and not the company risk as a brokerage going under. Be careful when explaining SIPC coverage.

  3. Andre it would be awesome if you could do a short series on getting our own Bitcoin and then getting it into a wallet. I understand the general concept but am confused how to actually do it.
    Also if you could do a video on paces you can purchase Bitcoin that will allow you to transfer them to a wallet; what to look for in them, and which one you currently use, it's strengths and weaknesses and why you chose it over others.
    Finally a video on wallets, not physical vs virtual, and the things we need to look for. Also which one you use and why you picked it.
    Thanks. Your content is always helpful. You have been around the BTC for a long time so I'm really looking forward to what you put out to teach the rest of us how to participate.

  4. why is this scam pyramid still going on in 2024 and people still is falling for it? fortunately Donald Trump has started to demolish this lie called Crypto for good in 2025 it will be reduced to ashes mark my words

  5. Damn I love Andrei's videos. He's always the most fair, balanced and entertaining financial presenter out there. Super good at explaining complex concepts in simple terms too. What a dude.

  6. Was the phrase "how the turns have tabled??" intentional or not??And if it was what does it mean?Sorry,English is my second language,Greek man here…

  7. Gold is totally manipulated by ETF's..
    Central banks create money with a keyboard and buy physical gold to stuff in their vaults & they also buy ETF's and with this non existent ETF "gold" that's non existent they manipulate the market to control the price of gold.
    So why won't they do the same thing with bitcoin?????????

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