I LOST Over $10,000 Last Weekend In Cryptocurrency | My Investment Strategy

In this video, I share my experience losing over $10000 last weekend in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Ethereum). What are my …


  1. It's too late to invest in bitcoin.real estate will aaaaalways be the way to go in the long run. You say boomers don't trust the cryptocurrency….you trust too much.

  2. This is why you only invest money you are willing to lose because when you see day to day price fluctuations you don’t panic and hold your position for the long haul.

  3. Bro, it takes minimum 5 years to learn about investing.Its just like taking a long duration course. Government may ban cryptocurrency any time . Don't invest too much in crypto unless Facebook, Microsoft ,tesla etc start their own cryptocurrency. You should have a diversified investment plan ranging from real estate,gold, stocks and business..

  4. I have the best courses bro I have over 1 terabyte of forex courses I have a app as well I go live and trade and make sure you learn how to trade bro I can teach you that shit in like 4 days I don’t even use all the complicated shit or indicators I have both ASTROfx courses

  5. My grandfather taught me about investing with only 1 lesson: investing and a delicious meal both have meats, potatoes, veggies, a comforting dessert, a tasty appertiff, and a wine to pair….good luck kings. Go make gains in life. Love this channel!!

    Edit:corrected typo

  6. I would not buy crypto now, hell no. It's currently so ridiculously overvalued and the sharp bullrun is not sustainable. There will be a double top and correction.
    Should you sell then? Hell no. Keep calm and HODL. The best hand right now is a calm one. Don't panic sell and don't panic buy. FOMO is one hell of a b…
    I call BTC will correct itself to somewhere between 20-25k within two months, then you can buy again. May go lower but who cares, next years BTC will easily hit 100k.
    Just make sure you don't miss the windows. And always remember.. sell low, buy high! 😉

  7. It’s a giant bubble I hope you step out before you lose everything , everyone wants bitcoin now and backs are selling all there coins now
    Don’t go broke guys

  8. I got 18 shares of tesla I’m up 9k still .. but I lost 900 this week with the panic selling. I’m still holding my shares but it’s getting a bit scary . Haha I got an order of 10 shares at 700s..I hope we go lower so I can pick more shares…

  9. I have crypto as a smaller part of my investment porfolio. I don't want to get involved in real estate, so I use high dividend producing stocks, traditional CDs, gold and some crypto to give me a steady flow of return. If my plan works out, in ten years, I hope to clear over eight hundred dollars a quarter in extra cash that I can put to use else where.

  10. Have you thought about buy tax Delinquent properties ??? This past year made like 5000 from selling some and have 14 properties in two more I am going to sake some should make like 150000

  11. I had rather myself a trader than investor because we are just individual retail traders unless you owned a corporation and had some percentage of share in your company, then you deserved to be called investor..

    Well it depends on your perspectives, others may called it vice versa..

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  13. I respect you a lot for your opinion on red pill. You got that right. But you are not quite the in terms of knowledge in investing. Read about trend following, money management and, risk management and position sizing. You will see how much you don't know and why you are making money even when your opinions are based on pretty much nothing. I don't try to disrespect you just to make you aware you are missing lots of important things when it comes to investment. Take care bro and keep teach us about red pill 🙂

  14. Also, the institutions have a big hand in crypto. They don't own it but heavily influence it. They can make it dip down just enough to force people out then keep going back up.

  15. At first I taught all of this was a scam but with some proofs I decide to give him a trial can’t believe I finally confirmed 7btc in my blockchain wallet address with no stress from the BLACKWEBFUNDS on telegram is what I use and I never regrets giving him a chance ????they got the best working software I swear

  16. Yep, if your share goes down in the stock market, it might be a mistake to sell yours too, since someone who sells the stock means someone else buys it, it will eventually go up again and might be even higher.
    Bitcoin is a bit of a problem though

  17. Lol Bitcoin, if shit hits the fan bitcoin its worthless.
    Do not panic ever… with the corona bullshit, our stock market here in brazil in march crashed hardcore. Well i was alredy out, in Feb, i sold all my positions becouse i know how ppl are.
    When the market crashed i entered this year doubled my money. So far thks to covid and human stupidity and lack of scientific knowledge ive another apartment.

  18. You panic sold. You can't be doing that man. Crypto is not meant for those who are emotionally attached to the money. You have to look at the big picture. It looks like you've learned from your mistake though. And I hope you make it all back when you buy the next panic dip in the market. I believe in you man, stay strong ????

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