Is My BITCOIN CRYPTO MINING Shed Working as Expected? | Building a Crypto Mining Shed

In today’s Video we are waiting for some Hardware and Supplies to Arrive, So let’s Test out our Crypto Mining Shed! In our Crypto …


  1. I just switched to server cases. Def run hotter. I can't even mine flux in them and there's 12 fans throughout the case. Anything core intensive. I think the shed would do well open air rigged.

  2. WOW those temps are toasty. Your better off with open air rigs with your shed setup. Ditch the over hyped and over priced octominers. Besides that your setup is awesome keep the videos coming. Thanks

  3. I greatly appreciate your honesty and how this worked out for you. I’m trying to learn this and integrate this strategy into my portfolio, just wanna do it right. This helps a lot. Learning what not to do is as valuable as learning what to do, this video provides both but later on I was convinced to try out packages of which have yielded lot more profits

  4. my man love the setup, but all this work into mining and you dont seem to have any modern gen cards or high hashrate. why not take the time to dump the old cards and upgrade?

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  7. Curious about what happens when it rains. Won’t it suck in the rain as well? I am sure the filters will block some but what about heavy rain?

  8. What's the average ambient temp? dump the fans, keep the insulation in the roof space and vent the shed 360 using temp-rain-controlled motorised vents. Basically, you want the rigs outside in the shade and kept dry. and if possible increase the operational area.

  9. I've always wanted to mine BTC but could not afford super expensive ASIC's. I bought an NFT that mines BTC if you hold onto it. No electricity bill, no waiting to buy equipment cause everything is sold out, just an NFT. ????

  10. Hey. I have 7gh in a similar place and i dont go beyond 85F. I can share some videos with you. Overall the idea is a bit different from yours. I have 2x mining tents. 1st tent has 12x octominers and the back of that tent, is cut to the octo frame, and the heat goes on the back where I have 6x ac infinity. Makes sense? Back tent with negative pressure, front tent, cold air incoming. You never mix fresh with contaminated air

  11. THM wow nice! I just like seeing now a great plan comes together! I wonder if you can sound proof the walls a bit so your Jaz miner gets to hang with the rest of your gear, truly best to get anything very noisy away from the family .. I learned that lesson over five years ago!

    Keep up with the great content!

  12. personally I would put a inside wall on intake side with bottom 6 inchs or so open… so air isnt on a direct path to rigs …. rain would make me really nervous long term

  13. I live in Texas, and it's hot here, I heard u say, any temp under 79 is good with you. I have been trying to keep them under 70 and shut them off when they hit 72, can I revise my strategy? Is 73, 74 ok?

  14. You need to have air going through your your miners once you get everything setup by creating a barrier between your hot/cold aisles. It would help GPU temps tremendously

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