Massive Warning! STOP Doing This NOW!

You’re making big mistakes and you MUST STOP This right now!


  1. I learned the hard way. Mostly from buying in during 2021highs FOMO literal FOMO. Luckily I had a lot of pre research done to know not to invest in shitcoins, which I thank mr.Keiser for. Not as hard as some but I am thankful for the lesson. As I am setting myself up nicely since.

  2. You're the husky old man voice of reason. I made the mistakes you often mention back in 2021-2022. I made a little money, but I lost more because I jumped in late. Since then, I've learned to plan and be patient, and it's working out better. Your advice has been a major influence in my approach to investing in crypto.

  3. I am one of those older people. I have had the 2020 run to fall back on and it helps a ton. Only 8% of my generation participate in crypto. Eth was $300 late 2020 and I did make mistakes. There was no de fi, nft’s, and things changed. I personally appreciate your pointing me towards copy trading and websites like Arkham and Dune are great tools. Planning on joining your group end of December. Keep up good work and god bless Solana. Pulled out my original investment when it hit $95. Running and staking my sol and rwa are my play.? 1% degen 4 fun.

  4. Most crypto-newbies went through meme-coin phase and "fomo-to-panic dump" phase, it's inevitable. It's better they learn it now and with a small funds amount, before bull-run gains momentum

  5. Best strategy by far, by low and hold for the next 100 to 150 days. There will be ups and downs and patience will be tested but this is where the real profit will be. Crypto University have it all sussed and strategically planned. None of this pump and run swizz that influencers are doing.

  6. Totally agree. Furthermore when the greed index is 75% not even in a full bull market is a sign to be cautious. I definitely think there will be a massive correction particularly with SOL (70% ?) early next year, while BTC and ETH will start to break through their level of resistance. Coins who have have been moving sideways or haven't had massive gains in the past year will explode, like ATOM, DOT, XLM and XRP. There will have to be a substantial correction in general if financial institutions will jump in. We are in the mini Bull Market before the mini Bear Market, a last correction is due by February/April next year before we officially entering in the full Bull Market by May/July next year. There will be great opportunities before then for those that can wait and like you well said do not pay much attention to noises and be patient.

  7. I not chased any memes am relishing my Solana bag lol my normie boring bag, even QNT is waking up.. I am going to be g=focusing mainly on IDOS and airdrops now the NeXT few months, your inner circle has been a gem with the ICOS.. I love it and a big thank yo and have an awesome Xmas as well.

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