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  1. There’s a symbiotic relationship between the Fibonacci patterns, wave counts and human behavior. When everyone and their mom is talking about crypto that’s when it’s time to get out. At the end of this 90% of the coins will flat line and never come back. I would stick to investing in the top 5 cryptos. Everything else is gaining value from fomo not a real tangible use.

  2. Adequate orientation or knowledge about the bitcoin trade or any other cryptocurrency is the key to be successful in crypto investment. If not I advise don't get involved in it.

  3. Staxum seems primed for a game-changing ascent, especially if the rumored partnerships with eBay and Shopify come to fruition. Betting on a 50x

  4. i think the sad thing about this is the amount of pressure placed on this guys shoulders to give predictions, at the end of the day we never really know whats really going to happen and i just feel that people are using davinci as some sort of 100% predictor of the future and when it all gores wrong they end up blaming him, its just a role of the dice as what the markets can do on any given day

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