Solana’s BIG Problem ($SOL Loss Means MASSIVE Crypto Gains for You)

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  1. Stop talking rubbish. No props trading on sol. I use phantom n it utilizes Jupiter whatnot n it works. U want cheaper fees, u just need to wait a bit. Why pay more fees when this way is better for those who want cheaper fees? U want fast, u can pay slightly higher fees n immediate transactions.

  2. Weren’t you the guy shitting on solana when it hit $8 bucks, saying it’s dead ☠️ ? Now you think it’s going to create millionaires?

  3. Myro Just listed on Kucoin yesterday. Bonk was listed on Kucoin Nov 27 2023 look what happened to Bonk one month later i think it was between a 20x-100x or something crazy

  4. Guys, let me explain the absurd : Solana is VC backed coin with shady past. We know nothing about creators and future token distribution. On the other side we have Ethereum which is backed by JP Morgan, Consensys and past SEC memeber, maybe even present ones. Finally we have XRP, the only coin with legal clarity and real world uscase. By this all years Ripple proves that they care about XRP defend it in court. All selling / distribution they are doing it's actually with thier clients where 70 – 90% of XRP is coming right back to escrow. What we are waiting for is : Case fully settle, regulations, adoption, massive announcments, massive XRP Ledger upgrades such as AMM, EVM and much more. We need Mainstream Media, Main Crypto Channels and Retail investors starts open on XRP as they did with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ben educate then !

  5. Honestly I agree. Institutions love Solana and it’s ecosystem will pump too. I’m more invested in cardano defi though but Solana is on my mind too

  6. What about Ben Coin???? You always say Ben coin coming to be the coin who going to give the most gains in the years to come. And now i lower the low…

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