The Ethereum Price is About to Go 'Turbo Parabolic'? – Crypto Market Update

Why is bitcoin going up? Latest ethereum news? Let’s discuss the cryptocurrency news for bitcoin, ethereum, solana, altcoins …


  1. So i bought about .05 bitcoin back when it was 15k. Sold when it reached 37k which is fine

    Thankfully i still have 1 Ethereum when i bought it at 1400. Still earning a good amoung on it

  2. Exciting times ahead for Ethereum! Meanwhile, for those seeking promising altcoins, consider exploring Smart Aliens (SAS). With a track record of two years, still being low cap, and its innovative SmartNFTs, SAS could be a solid addition to any crypto portfolio.

  3. Right now its at 3200 should i try to wait and see if it goes down at least anything under 3k and buy? Man i should of bought when it was at 1400-1800 last year…

  4. As an investor with successful picks like KAS, INJ, TAO, and SPACE, I'm excited about Invixus. It's on presale now, and I see tremendous potential for growth.

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