This machine makes ₹55,000 per month | Antminer L7 Review

Buying inquiry : 9099871868 We sell almost every asic machine Website: C13 power cord: …


  1. यह सब पैसा लेकर भागने वाला प्लान है एक-दो साल मार्केट में खुब बखान कर के फिर पब्लिक का पैसा लूट कर भागने का एक नया तरीका ????

  2. Those who are thinking that you just have to buy…. set-up and youll start earning ???????? bhai ruk jao Scam h ye! Iske remuneration me stability nai h kabhi tmhe 20$ daily mile to kabhi 5$ bhi hoskta h ……and you cant just leave it you'll have to keep and eye!

  3. all these miners are first used by manufacturing companies and when there profitability reduces by their end they sell those used miner to users with less profitability and I am talking about this happening back in 2015

  4. 3330 amount to encourage you to sed on these mentioned platforms

    12 word phrase Okx /safepal wallet:

    ski chimney gift resemble modify arrange bar beauty embrace cattle morning oppose

  5. Hi i have a 2 eth in my metamask in different wallet..i want to sell in half price. But thi is not a original eth its a poligom matic any one interested plz comment…

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