Canadian Weatherman Frankie MacDonald Is Bullish on Bitcoin

Frankie MacDonald, an amateur meteorologist based in Nova Scotia, has recently been using his platform to talk up Bitcoin in his charismatic voice.

In a series of tweets beginning Aug. 8, MacDonald posted videos stating his views on the cryptocurrency to his 118,500 followers. The Canadian weatherman said that Bitcoin (BTC) is “worth more than American dollars,” taking viewers through the numbers if they owned anywhere from 1 BTC — $12,007 as of press time — to 10 million BTC, or over $160 billion at the time.

New Bitcoin meme is born

The 36-year-old YouTuber began making videos on the platform in 2009, which focused on meteorology in Canada and the United States. MacDonald gained momentum online, standing out with his unique style of forecasts. 

After seeing a video of MacDonald shouting “Bitcoin” on Aug. 7, the crypto community has quickly picked up on the Canadian’s charisma and turned him into a new meme as the token surged past $12,000 on Aug. 10.

One of MacDonald’s mantras, featured in the title of his book and one of his songs, is “be prepared.” He has yet to associate the phrase with the volatility of cryptocurrency.

Influencers adopting Bitcoin?

A number of high-profile individuals not normally associated with cryptocurrency have been bullish on Bitcoin lately. 

After speaking with Anthony Pompliano on his July 1 podcast, comedian Bill Burr said he would be investing in Bitcoin for the first time. Podcaster and celebrity Joe Rogan has been using his platform to talk up the cryptocurrency to his more than 200 million listeners as part of his sponsorship with Cash App.

Even online personalities with more of a connection to the financial sector are speaking out. Cointelegraph reported on Aug. 4 that Dave Portnoy enlisted the help of Gemini co-founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss regarding Bitcoin. Portnoy told the twins he wanted them to “explain Bitcoin in a way that I would understand.”