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  1. a 5700xt is 850€ today in germany used… and 30ct per kw/h electricity costs.

    dunno if this is reasonable anymore.

    i own one 5700xt maybe i just mine with that as i only payed 400€ bsck in 2020.

  2. I am planning to build my very first rig but so hard to find gpu if I happen to be able to get 6 x rtx 3070 how big of power supply I should get? Thanks.

  3. Hey I just saw them like this video please help me give me become a minor like you . My funds are really low right now and I just wanna be able to start today

  4. Hi! I have a question: let's say I started mining yesterday and today I stop mining, and I restart mining tomorrow, Do I keep mining what I did yesterday? or I lose all preogress and have to start over from zero? ?

  5. Funny how germany is so focused on “green energy” but it’s so expensive. Oh… taxpayers are footing the bill with upkeep as well with government subsidized energy programs ?


  6. very under rated i am new to crypto mining and was checking it out as i am getting a new pc up and going on Ethereum using an rtx 2080 but the prices are off the roof atm what do you recommend as i am think of just buying the inflated price as i see it going up

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