This Cryptocurrency Trading bot CAN'T lose money!

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  1. You should really be wary when he says "you can loan a million dollars or more". This is seriously risky stuff. You basically lend real money to use for some financial scheme a guy from youtube told you about. If anything goes wrong (a bug in your bot, a failed transaction, anything), this could ruin your life savings or more. Note that "write a bot that watches prices on different exchanges" is already a difficult task, let alone a bot that does the transactions.

  2. Shrimpy possible of SCAM MY MONEY cause of their UI issue. they no intention to fix for me. Everyone need to be very careful to use them else may end up like me.

  3. This is by far the worst video for anyone that is beginning with crypto, or if you’re tryna make gains in crypto. do not do any of this?. I am 3 years in and I will not touch a loan in the crypto space I don’t even have to say why just don’t do it

  4. Although it’s only been 3 Weeks, I noticed once I started investing and opening separate savings accounts, the money I would have wasted on fast food or Amazon impulse buys has increased my wealth. It’s amazing seeing the amount of money I save each month. Thanks for helping keep the finance topic energetic and easy to focus and understand i'm grateful

  5. The title is misleading. I was expecting information on the trading bots that are of low risk. Like Trading Bot Solutions, Kucoin, or Crypto hopper. But instead, this video led me down a very confusing road. Consider retitling this.

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