A Dollar for DOGE is rounding the corner to become Reality! | Crypto News

A Dollar for DOGE is rounding the corner to become Reality!

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The “Dogefather” Elon Musk has said that the beloved dogecoin could ironically become the future of cryptocurrencies, which could themselves become the future currencies of earth.  Elon, The Tesla billionaire, also warned to his millions of followers on Friday: “Cryptocurrency is promising, but please invest with caution!”

With the rise of dogecoin there is a risk, it is  volatile because prices move aggressively up or down daily, as can be seen in many of the cryptocurrency markets.  But can we have a little fun here?  Yes Yes we can!  Invest what you are accepting to loose.  A wise man once said ” you haven’t made any money til you receive it” 

Surprisingly Coinbase hits record low as investors flock to Dogecoin offered on Binance.

Many investors are waiting for Coinbase to offer DOGE on it’s site.  When that happens – the sky is the limit or moon should I say.  The validation from Coinbase will show that dogecoin is not a meme anymore.

Elon Musk hosts Saturday Night Live this weekend.  Many dogecoin investors are super excited and hope the “dogefather” holds and Arooooo says dogecoin or at least something referencing it. Even before the show the crypto has gotten the  SNL bump. Since Musk was announced as the host, Doge has gone from roughly 25 cents to 63 cents, a gain of more than 150%. And even this morning today – Friday May 7th- dogecoin is up 5%